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Re: Corel Network Computer Port

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Joel Klecker wrote:

> At 21:20 -0700 1998-06-05, Steve Dunham wrote:
> >Does anyone have any definite information on the Corel Network
> >computers?  Is anyone else interested in doing a Debian port?
> Vincent Renardias is apparently working on an arm port of Debian (In bug
> #21327 against ftp.debian.org, he asks for a binary-arm section). This is
> the processor that the Corel NCs are based on, right?

Yes, although the arm machine I have (Acorn RiscPC 600) is equiped with an
ARM610 processor, while Corel's boxes have a StrongARM, but there is a
binary compatibility between those 2 processors (like between i386 and
i586 for example).
The last stop stopper for releasing my ARM .debs is that the development
environment on ARM still doesn't support ELF completly (ELF pic code is
currently missing) but this should hopefully be fixed by the end of the


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