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Intent to pakage astrolog

Astrolog is a many featured and customizable astrology chart calculation
program for DOS, Windows, Mac, and Unix, used in 30+ countries on six
continents.  It is 100% freeware and requires no registration fee. :) The
complete source code is available . Astrolog features: wheels, aspects,
midpoints, relationship charts, transits, progressions, some
interpretations, astro-graphy, local horizon, constellations, planet
orbits, dispositors, various influence charts, biorhythms, different
zodiacs, central p lanets, 14 house systems, 8400 year ephemeris,
asteroids, Uranians, fixed stars, Arabic parts, script files and macros,
interactive PC & MS/X11 Windows graphics, smooth animation of charts,
graphic files in PostScript, Windows metafile, and bitmap formats , and

100% freeware of course means it has to go into non-free, because of a
plethora of copyrights, all less than acceptable.

Any objections?
							- Tom

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