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Re: deb and now?

On Mon, Jun 08, 1998 at 08:21:33PM +0200, Michael Dietrich wrote:
> hi all,
> i made my deb-package yesterday for i386 & alpha but now: what have i
> to do to release it?

You should apply as new maintainer.  Here is the way-to-do:

1.2 Registering as a Debian developer

    The mail sent to new-maintainer@debian.org has to

    . say who you are,

    . say what is your background, with respect to Debian, Linux and
      Free Software in general

    . say what you plan to do for Debian GNU/Linux,

      If you plan to work on packages, i.e. package new stuff or take
      over ophaned packages, you need to make your intent public on
      debian-devel and contact wnpp@debian.org if needed.

    . contain your preferred user id on our servers (master and va at
      the moment), if you prefer a common login like e.g. 'joey' or
      'chris' you should include alternatives

    . give us some mechanism by which we can verify your real-life
      identity.  For example, any of the following mechanisms would

      * A PGP or RSA key signed by any well-known signature, such as
        any current Debian developer.


      * A scanned (or physically mailed) copy of any formal documents
        certifying your identity (such as a birth certificate,
        national ID card, U.S. Driver's License, etc.).  Please sign
        the image with your PGP key.

    . A phone number where we may reach you in order to give you a
      short call covering Debian GNU/Linux.  Also some hints about the
      timezone relative to GMT could be a good idea, too.

    . Your public PGP key.

      - It has to be at least 1024 bits big.

      - It has to signed with itself.

      - We (=pgp-update[2]) will update this key with the one on
        public key servers like pgp.net.  This means: If it is not
        included there we'll send it there.

      - We will update the debian keyring with public servers on a
        regular basis and exchange keys - in both directions.

    If any of the above is missing processing your submission will
    take longer.

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/developers-reference/ch1.html

[2] That is James Troup and Igor Grobman



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