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Re: kpilot -- help sought

John Goerzen wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just uploaded kpilot to Incoming on master.  This is a fairly
> small program but required a LOT of hacks to Makefiles to get it to
> Debianize.  I would be greatly appreciative if someone familiar with
> KDE would be able to review the diffs and see if I made any mistakes.
> Or, better yet, if there is a way to do it that requires less Makefile
> hacking, that would be good.

Looking at the diffs, I'm quite confused. kpilot ships with Makefiles,
config.logand config.status? I would strongly advise to remove them
from the orig sources, since they definitly do not belong there.

Then it would be perhaps not a very bad idea to remove *.moc and .deps
while making distclean (I don't know, why they are not removed)

I can't say, if kpilot's configure already support it, but my later
versions of KDE configure support --with-install-root, so you just
can call "configure --with-install-root=$PWD/debian/tmp" without
patching configure or something else. 

Hope this helps.

Greets, Stephan

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