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Re: xteddy

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998 Kenneth.Scharf@coulter.com wrote:

> Awhile ago I read here of a package someone made called (I think) xteddy,
> which was replacement login screen for X.  I have just wadded through
> ftp.debian and could not find it.   As I just got the courage to enable xpm
> on my system (WOW what a pretty login screen with the debian 'logo' and the
> spectrum in the background changing colors!) I would like to try it.  I
> seem to recall that someone also sub'ed TUX in there too.  So please what
> is the URL for the download of that package?  Thanks.
XTeddy is now awailable in dists/slink/binary-i386/games but it is not
intended to beautify your login screen (but it should of course ;-)).
An xpenguin is included.  The next version will give the ability to
use any Image to place on your desktop which Imlib is able to read.  (I'm
playing around with an Imlib version but have to ask the author about his
opinion about that.)

Kind regards


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