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Previously Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> I noticed that the utils/ dir of  one of the packages had RPM stuff in
> it..

Most of it not very usefull.. I've adapted their bootup-script somewhat
and made a configuration script which makes configuring (possibly multiple)
soundcards a breeze. You gotta' love whiptail..
> Well, Quake works fine on my gusmax, I didn't try it on the sb16.

I have a real crappy (cheapest available..) sb16-clone here.. I'll try
if it survives on that.

> RealAudio and Muse both worked on the gusmax and the sb16 without any
> troubles, and both were significantly more stable than the .34 oss driver.

Especially the configuration-stuff is great. Autoprobing is a great


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