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Re: Documentation/License freeness


Santiago Vila Doncel, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>- From rms@gnu.org Tue Jun  2 21:45:40 1998
>Date: 28 May 1998 22:02:52 -0400
>Once upon a time, I thought I would learn Perl.  I got a copy of a
>free manual, but I found it simply unreadable, and gave up.  Perl
>users told me that there were better manuals, but they were not free.
>Perl is an important piece of free software, and it ought to have a
>*good* free manual.  So I added this item to the GNU task list, hoping
>this would encourage someone to write one.
>That was a few years ago.  If there is now a good free manual, that's
>great.  I'm always glad to remove an item from the task list because
>the job has been done.  I might even buy a copy of this manual, if
>someone is selling them--especially if it is O'Reilly.  (If we buy
>O'Reilly manuals only when they are free, we can encourage O'Reilly to
>publish and sell more free manuals.)

I've been involved in this.  Perl does have a wonderful free manual.
Perl is distributed with excellent (and long) man-pages (well from pod;
they can also be turned into html, etc.).  They document just about all
of Perl that is documented.  They are more up-to-date and more extensive
than what is in the Camel.  (O'Reilly's non-free manual) There is some
question about some of the tutorials and the faq distributed with Perl
but Tom Christiansen (the author of the questionable documents) is
working on making a better copyright for them such that they can be
distributed and changed as long as they are distributed with Perl.

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