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Re: Install issue

Dan Jacobowitz wrote:
> I ran through my first x86 install today, and had a wierd problem.
> After pounding my bios into properly detect both c and d drives, I
> started the install using loadlin planning to avoid floppies
> altogether.  However, when the time came to select a partition to find
> the resc1440.bin for drivers, it failed to display hdc1.  My partitions
> were this:
> hda1, a 1.2GB FAT32 drive
> hdc1, a 3.6GB partition on secondary master (5GB drive)
> hdc2, 1.3GB ext2
> hdc3, swap
> hda1 showed, and hdc1 was indeed not mounted but did not appear in the
> selection dialog box (after choosing media harddisk).  I was able to
> mount it by hand in the other VC and continue, though.
> Any ideas?

Where or what is your /dev/hdb drive?  Is your hdb drive your
cdrom?  If so, it should be detected.  I don't know if the
cdrom has been compiled as a module, if so they must be loaded from the

Hope this helps.  
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