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Re: Problems with the undead (zombies)

> This turned out to be almost trivial...simply a few mods, instead of servicing
> requests after connect, it fork()s and lets the child service that connection
> while the parent loops and waits fo rthe next connect. [I think I changed 
> 10 lines of code total]

Yeah, but this means each seperate xfstt instance does not share it's
bitmap/metric caches, 

root       509  0.0 35.4 99640 22428  ?  S   May 15   0:44 /usr/bin/X11/xfstt 

I'd hate to have more than one of those monsters around! Incedently, I
think xfstt has a memory leak. 99M of ram is a bit high.

To fix your zombie problem you should IGNORE sigchld or arrange for wait
to be called (but not in the signal handler)


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