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Re: Advice for release critical bug (WAS: Bug#22942: libpaper depends on libpaperg)

>>"James" == James Troup <J.J.Troup@scm.brad.ac.uk> writes:

 >> The only remedy is to remove the old libpaper, and then to install
 >> libpaper and libpaperg.

 James> Where *did* you get this idea from?  It's 200% bogus.
 >> 14:20:02@hades| ~/temp $sudo dpkg -iEG libpaper_1.0.3-9.deb libpaperg_1.0.3-9.deb 
 >> (Reading database ... 34403 files and directories currently installed.)
 >> Preparing to replace libpaper 1.0.3-3 (using libpaper_1.0.3-9.deb) ...
 >> Unpacking replacement libpaper ...
 >> Selecting previously deselected package libpaperg.
 >> Unpacking libpaperg (from libpaperg_1.0.3-9.deb) ...
 >> Setting up libpaperg (1.0.3-9) ...
 >> Setting up libpaper (1.0.3-9) ...
	Well, in cases like this the order in which the deb files are
 presented to dpkg is relevant. So if a novice is upgrading a large
 set of packages, and the packages are not presented in the corect
 order, the upgrade process issues ominous sounding threats.

	This situation is better avoided.


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