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Port conflict ...bug?

I was just poking around a bit and realized that xfstt (my package)
uses as a default port 7100 to listen for incomming connections 
I noticed that this is also the default for xfs!

I would supose that it is not very common to run both xfs and xfstt on the
same machine (esp since xfstt currently only accepts 1 simultaneous 
connection --something I hope to change) but still...it could happen.

Should I report this as a bug against my package? What port would be good to 
use? any thoughts? maybe 7101? or 7200?.... or 7142 ...I have always liked 42

All that is really important is that it doesn'tr conflict with anything else..
not to important what the actual number is beyond that (tho it should
be a port that requires no real privlidges)

also...while I am on the subject...a small security concern...
would it be proper to make it not run as root but as a "normal user" 
(ie one of the pre-allocated "non-user" acounts ie bin,sys,deamon etc)
that way if it turns out to be vulnerable to some remote exploit like a buffer
overflow etc, then it can't be used to gain super user acess directly??

if this would be proper..which one would be proper?


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