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Re: library missing in 2.0.6 (was Re: INSTALLATION REPORT)

On Thu, Jun 04, 1998 at 09:55:53AM +0100, Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> I would prefer someone doing a NMU of qftp recompiled with libstdc. It's      
> not nice to have both c++ libs in the base system.                            
That's what I prefer too.

> > Even better include a fixed version of the disks                            
> > method of dpkg, handling the (not really new anymore) debian archive        
> > structure.                                                                  
> Is anyone working on a NMU of dpkg that fixes that bug? I can delay the       
> new release until those (dpkg and qftp) NMUs are done, and use them.          

I will be out of town from Friday evening to Sunday. I'll hereby announce
the intention to make a non-maintainer upload of qftp, recompiled with
libstd++2.8 and of dpkg where nothing is changed except the paths in the
disk and to upload these either until Friday 13:00 (GMT) or Sunday 23:00
(GMT) to incoming on master.

Objections, propositions anyone?

Btw: Am I right that C++ programs need to be compiled with egcs for debian


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