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Re: Non-interactive install proposal

Andreas Degert <ad@papyrus.hamburg.com> wrote:
> if you take a static list of questions for a package, you have to
> answer _all_ questions, even if in the postinst many questions are
> conditionally asked depending on the answers to other questions or the
> state of the system

No.  You have to allow something for a response to all questions,
you don't have to answer them.  Well chosen defaults can play a
big part here.  A "full screen" interface can also help (allowing
you to rapidly skim over stuff you don't care much about).

Note that it's probably reasonable to allow a non-answer to some
questions (which is different from an empty answer). If that question is
critical then the package would have to stay unconfigured, but sometimes
a little research is necessary to determine the proper answer.


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