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Report on Successfull Debain 2.0 installation


I send this message yesterday, but perhaps it did not quite make it through, 
at least I did not notice it on the list...

I successfully installed Debian 2.0 on Gateway 2000 computer (P-166) using 
installation disks 2.0.6.   First of thanks for the nice job!  There were no 
real problems and everything went very smoothly.  When kernel found CDROM, all 
partitions on hard drive and even Tape drive I was very impressed.

I made only a couple of errors: one should use HAMM distribution instead of 
STABLE when setting up FTP ACESS in DSELECT mode, but I should've known that.  
Secondly the ethernet card 3C905 was not explicitly listed, but we found in no 
time that one should use 3C59x.

Anyway total installation of debian on running NT machine (to make it dual 
boot) took about 2.5 hours, which included installation of almost everything 
important:  network, X, WinManager with nice buttons and menus, LILO and so 
on. It also happend that I did not know quite well all the details of the 
hardware of the computer at the time, but it still did not stop us.  
gmp-mouse-test came very handy.

After all I would say that installation disks are a great achivement.  My 
colleague who watched all this procedure still in doubt that he could repeat 
it by himself on his home computer, but I hope it does not seem to him totally 

I hope to install Debain 2.0 on at least one more computer PII-266 from 
scratch soon.  Anything special I should look for?

Thank you for the effort,

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