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Re: Intend to package xlogmaster

Jens Ritter <jens@weh.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

> Hallo all,
> as work continues, here´s my next project:
> I would like to package xlogmaster available from
> http://porter.desy.de/~greve/xlogmaster/
> I have to get a statement from the author which License and copyright
> to apply (not the single words copyright or license in the archive!
> :-(  ).

But in the LSM (which is not part of orig.tar.gz):

CopyPolicy1  =Use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
CopyPolicy2  =documentation for any purpose is granted without fee.

Is that enough?

Jens.Ritter@weh.rwth-aachen.de   grimaldi@debian.org
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