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Re: Can w3-el be precompiled?

James Troup wrote:
>[ QP brain-damage reversed ]
>"Rev. Joseph Carter" <knghtbrd@earthlink.net> writes:
>> On Thu, May 28, 1998 at 01:12:25AM -0400, Gregory S. Stark wrote:
>> > Oh, one gotcha to watch for. If you package Custom you really
>> > ought to package Gnus as well and build it against the same
>> > version of Custom. Otherwise a user who loads the new custom will
>> > break the Gnus built with the old Custom.
>> >
>> > In fact Custom should probably Recommend both W3 and Gnus, since
>> > it will break the ones that shipped with Emacs 19.
>> Uh, you realize that anyone using dselect and installing custom will
>> be FORCED to install both gnus and w3...?
>> Having these packages depend on a certain version of custom would be
>> wiser.
>You can't.  There is *no* way round this other than to upgrade gnus if
>you install custom.

why not have custom conflict with older versions of gnus.


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