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Re: first package

On Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 02:18:03AM +0200, Michael Dietrich wrote:
> > but the second error seems to be more serious. in line 1 of my
> > changelogfile is nothing wrong compared to the script. it just says:
> > 	z (1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
> > (my package is called 'z' for now) is the name a problem (too short)?
> renamed it to zet: that works. so debian package names are more than
> one chars long? seams to be a bug in build? (whatever sense it makes
> to have that short names)

I think you also can't use a numeric as the first letter of a package. I 
remember having problem with this when i packaged 8hz-mp3. I don't
remember if it was debhelper or build that i had problem with.

Nevertheless, a package with only one letter is not very descriptive even 
if it follow policy. ie. 
 Package names may only consist of lower case letters, digits (0-9),
 plus (+) or minus (-) signs, and periods (.).
Eric Leblanc -- jughead@generation.net -- Be happy use GNU/Linux
As for the M$ pundits claim that the problems result from an
incorrect setup/configuration: they are perfectly correct, if you
hadn't installed an M$ OS, then the crashes wouldn't be happening.
             -- Jeff Dutky on c.o.l.a

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