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Re: mirror-2.9 released, and hopefully DFSG compliant

  Santiago> Does this mean the modified-for-Debian "mirror" may not be
  Santiago> distributed inside the .deb binary package?

Well, in mirror_2.9-1, all files by Lee are unmodified.  No patches yet ...

  Marcelo>  Isn't that distributing modified bynaries? I mean, you are not
  Marcelo> distributing the .orig.tar.gz, but something different (with added
  Marcelo> parts, and incidentally, one of them is the original thing)

No added parts yet, but we are in fact under a restriction not to ever change
it. Not that nice, really.

The weird thing is that he mentions Debian a couple of times in the Changelog.

  Marcelo> I got an announcement from Freshmeat that said GNU Mirror,

I know. I wrote to them pointed out that it's not GPL, and got a reply that
they changed it.

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