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Re: Linuxconf

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Joel Klecker wrote:

> At 07:40 -0700 1998-06-02, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > BTW, the fact that you don't understand sendmail doesn't prevent
> > others from doing so. sendmail really isn't that difficult, and is
> > simpler in some ways because you don't have multiple config files
> > scattered across multiple directories.
> FUD, exim also uses only one configuration file.
> I'm sure I could understand sendmail if necessary, but I have the
> luxury of not needing to, and since I don't want to, I don't have to.

i may be confusing exim's config with smail.  when i (very briefly) looked
at it last year, it seemed to be "smail done right".  i don't like smail
(even when it is done right) so gave up on it after a few days.

i also looked at zmailer.  now that definitely has zillions of config files
scattered over zillions of directories.  ok, "zillions" is a slight
exaggeration, but not by much :-).  looked to have some nice ideas, but not
my cup of tea.

qmail was the only "alternative" mailer i looked at that i actually
liked.  It's the only one i would even consider as a replacement for
sendmail.  I'd be running it now except for two things:  1. the license,
2. the Qmail Attitude Problem (QAP).

Actually, there are two QAPs.  The first is the unbearable and
unjustifiable defensive arrogance on the part of the author and certain
over-zealous users.

The second is the attitude that "your legacy systems are a crock of
shit, throw it all out and do it the <tada!>Qmail Way</tada!>"....e.g.
getting majordomo to work with it is a major pain in the arse - and
the fact that ezmlm exists is irrelevant if i've got 83 users with 83
different majordomo lists which they have been running for years.  

Right now, all but one of my systems is running sendmail.  I have one
box running qmail (being used as an outbound relay...my main sendmail
box at works relays all non-local mail via the qmail box to take
advantage of qmail's faster queueing and delivery).

i'm waiting for vmail to come out of vapourware....then i'll check that
out too. it *sounds* good.


craig sanders

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