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Re: Linuxconf

On Tue, Jun 02, 1998 at 12:32:53PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  Jules> The solution is to switch to a better designed mailer (exim
>  Jules> springs to mind) with easier to manage configuration.
> 	This seems to imply that linuxconfig should drop support for
>  sendmail (which still is an industry standard smtp daemon) in favour
>  of simpler to configure replacements. I guess we can live with that. 
> 	Of course, switching MTA's involves other decision parameter
>  than a simplistic pointy clickey configuration, but I shall not go
>  into that.

Linuxconf does use modules for everything.  It would be as simple as NOT
using the sendmail module and instead using an exim module.  Not a big issue

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