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Debian 2.0 installation report.


I installed Debian 2.0 using installation disks 2.0.6 on Gateway2000 computer 
(P2-166).  First of thanks for the nice job in organising installations disks!

Everything went very smoothly, I did not have any major problems.   

Well, I failed once when I did not realise that one should use hamm instead of 
stable when choose distribution in DSELECT ACCESS, but I should've known that. 
 One more stopper was that network card (3C905) was not explicitly listed, and 
one should use (3C59x) instead, but we found it on the Web in notime.

Overall it took us about 3 hours to setup dual boot WinNT + Debian system, 
including X, WinManager, net, printing and all other goodies.

Thanks for the effort,

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