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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Philip Hands wrote:

> > Sorry, now I don't understand. I think we should release twice a year.
> What about encouraging people to press ``Debian Unstable Snapshots''
> once every couple of months.
> We could do the snapshot images ourselves (so that everyone's ``May
> 98'' image was exactly the same), give it a few days testing to ensure
> that it's not completely broken, and suggest in the documentation that
> people look at the web site for any problems and work-arounds found
> after release.
> As long as it is published with warnings that it is just a snapshot,
> and not a tested release, we should not be tarnish our image, while
> providing the bandwidth limited folks with an alternative ``download''
> method.

yes, i think this is essential....but it should be every month, not
every 2 or 3.

so this means we need automated tools which can seamlessly make a
snapshot cd image from the current unstable tree.

i also think that debian should have three main teams:

1.  developers.  this is everyone, including members of teams 2 & 3.
    release packages into unstable as usual. develop neat things like
    install-mime and menu and so on. hack, hack, hack.

2. release team. they do whatever they need to do to make a release.
   if they need to modify a package, they just do it without waiting
   for the package maintainer to get around to it. they should submit
   their mods to the maintainer, but are not bound by the maintainer's
   packaging decisions - the release is their baby, and their word is

3. marketing and market research team. promotion of debian, and
   researching user's needs/wants. drafting proposals to implement those


craig sanders

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