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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

--On Tue, Jun 2, 1998 9:35 am +0100 "Enrique Zanardi" <ezanardi@ull.es>

> Also due to the big number of developers and "sub-projects" inside of
> the Debian project, it's hard to follow how every sub-project is going on
> (what's going on with
> java-devel-environment/debian-4-PDAs/debian-documentation/... these days?)
> A monthly or bimonthly report from each of those sub-projects would
> tell us things are going on, and would help finding collaborators.

<warning type="me too">

Now that is an excellent idea!

How about someone volunteers as 'debian project coordinator' and every 2
months someone from the team of each project emails them a status report. 
They then summarise or quote these as appropriate, and send out an email (to
some list.. don't know which..)

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