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Re: Debian development modem

On Wed, 27 May 1998, David Engel  wrote:

> On Wed, May 27, 1998 at 01:15:54AM -0400, Steve Dunham wrote:
> > The reason I Bcc'd this here was as an example of the advantages
> > Debian garners from an open development model and a dedication to
> > quality.  
> Warning: the (brief) rantings of an extremely frustrated developer lie
> ahead.
> On the flip side, that open development model and dedication to
> quality, when combined with a lot of indiferrence and lack of
> leadership, means public releases only get made about once every two
> years.  Debian had a mostly libc6 based system long before RedHat, yet
> RedHat is releasing their second libc6 system while Debian still has
> no clue when, or even if, it will release.  

IMO, debian should make 'snapshot' CD images every month or so,
REGARDLESS OF QUALITY.  Whatever is in the archive on the 1st of the
month gets made into cd images that anyone can download and burn. if
there are bugs or installation problems then the user will just have
to put up with that - after all, there will be a big "shit happens"
disclaimer on the cd image.

if i knew how to burn cd's i'd come up with some scripts to do this
myself...but i don't have a burner, and i have no idea how to do it.

most users would be much happier if they could get the latest snapshot
debian on a cd every month or so and only have to download one or two
urgent bug-fix packages a day or two later.

NOTE: this is in addition to the official release...which should happen
"when it is ready"

> I am so sick of the internal bickering and never ending delays
> associated with Debian, that I am seriously considering switching to
> RedHat 5.1 (bugs and all) when I get my complimentary CD next week.  I
> figure if I simply redirect the work I would have spent on Debian to
> fixing the problems in RedHat, I'll be that much better off.

good luck.  you'll need it.

at least in debian you have the right to fix something and get those
fixes incorporated into the distribution. you don't in RH.  You have the
right to accept whatever RH chooses to give you.


craig sanders

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