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Re: Linuxconf

Shaya Potter <spotter@kby.netmedia.net.il> wrote:
> To answer the second part, about putting the modules into the packages
> they support.. This would be difficult if we wanted to maintain
> pristine sources, i.e. sendmail would have to include the sendmail and
> linuxconf source; bind would have to include the bind and linuxconf
> source....

This isn't a legal issue, since we won't be linking linuxconf with other
programs. This probably is relevant to our source package issues, but
until we get that sorted out it's just some more lines in the diff. [Of
course we'd also need a linuxconf-dev, but that's also easy to resolve.]

The bigger issue is that at present there's no stable interface for the
modules, which seriously gets in the way of distributed development and


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