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[ddj@hks.net: Re: linuxconf]

This looks like a significant issue:

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Re: LinuxConf, my big complaint is that the plug-in config "modules" are
written in C++, and are dynamically loaded object files. You probably
know C++ tends to only link to object files compiled with similar
versions of the compiler. So, you can't build a LinuxConf module with
GCC 2.7 and have it work on a system on which LinuxConf itself was
compiled with GCC 2.8.


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The proper workaround is probably to exclusively use "C" linkages for
the module interface.

[I knew that C++ binary linkages weren't standardized, so were 
a big problem from compiler to compiler, and I new that 2.8 was
significantly different from 2.7, but I hadn't worked with C++ 
enough to realize this issue.]


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