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Re: `install.html' for Debian 2.0

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  Under `The BIOS Set-Up Menu', it reads:
>    Your motherboard probably provides a BIOS set-up menu. Some systems
>    start this menu if you press DEL while the system is booting, some
>    require a SETUP disk, and some have other means of invoking the
>    BIOS set-up menu.  If you can start this menu, use it to control
>    the features discussed in the following several paragraphs.
>  Shouldn't it mention that the CD-ROM images can be booted?

Booting from a CD is totally up to the bios firmware.  Most of the
systems that I have seen do not include this feature, though more
manufacturers are including it in their systems.

It appears that the default still seems to be A: C: for boot drives
on most systems.  Notice that they assume that you are going to use 
a broken system regardless.  I have seen some systems that have a CD
rom boot feature and they include a CD that can be booted to return the
system to Factory Micro Lost Defaults

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