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Re: Username length inconsistencies.

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> I know that this is a bit of a side issue, but what are the consequences
> of giving root a different user name? I have done it in test installs and
> "frog" was able to log in with root priviledge, but I haven't held onto
> such a system long enough to see what might break.
> Thoughts?

You probably want to keep around a root account that's named "root",
because it's something of a standard.  You probably also want to have
this as your first superuser account in your password file (so that
file listings come out "properly").

I've found that it can be very nice to have multiple superuser accounts.

My current preferred setup is:

root (password locked out, shell is /bin/sh)
root-sash (shell is /bin/sash)
root-bash (shell is /bin/bash)

I've been making the home directory of all these be /root, because mostly
I don't care about the home directory.

Note that I also mostly use sudo with this setup.


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