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Recovery NFS-root

I often have to install moderate numbers of Linux PCs for various clients.  I
don't install the base Debian system and then install packages because it's a
time-consuming and error-prone process (this is no criticism of Debian, but I
just can't remember the 1000 settings that go into a fully configured Linux
server).  So I have an archive that's ~40meg (about 100meg uncompressed) of a
complete system that I just dump onto a computer via FTP.

I've setup a 29meg set of files that I mount via NFSroot to allow me to
install the afore-mentioned archive.  This NFSroot setup has all the basic
utility programs that I may need to install and configure a system, including
the full networking setup and ssh (I sometimes want to talk a client through
the installation and then possibly take over through the 'net). While this
NFSroot setup is far from complete, I believe that it has the promise of being
useful to other people (maybe it doesn't delong in the Debian distribution
proper, but I think that if I stick it on an anon-FTP site it'll get
downloaded), so I'd like to distribute it in an appropriate way.  What would
you suggest?  Is there any conveniant way of making tar archive of a root fs
from a bunch of .deb files?

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