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Re: Size of a du index for packages (Complete index = 74 K)

>>"Edward" == Edward Betts <edward@hairnet.demon.co.uk> writes:

 Edward> This is great
 Edward> shove all of them on the ftp site, apt does an intstall finds I have
 Edward> partitions / and /usr and gets packages.2.gz
 Edward> or if apt does an install and finds I have /, /usr, /usr/lib get
 Edward> packages.3.gz 

	Yes, indeed. There were some comments about patitions mounted
 via exotic methods may not be visible in /etc/mtab; in which case we
 can make the checkdu script additionally read /etc/apt/extra-partitions
 or something foe sites that use such partitions, and still work
 automagically for the most common case of simpler sites (which use
 local disks and NFS).

	It is trivial to modify checkdu to determine the required depth.

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