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Source packages that can produce different binary packages?

So now i'm facing the situation where I want to upload binary packages of
kerberized programs to nonus. This would include fetchmail and zephyr, but
probably some others eventually.

Most builders will not want to build both, usually a second person (likely me)
will have to rebuid the package with kerberos in the free world. Besides
they'll need to be uploaded separately to nonus.

This problem must be familiar to the various other packages like mutt that
build multiple versions? The best solution I can think of is having a separate
control file with a separate package names. But then you would need to
duplicate each of the postinst etc. files. And dpkg-buildpackage doesn't take
the -c argument to specify the control file.

As a side issue, what should the packages be called? fetchmail-krb etc.?


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