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Re: Can w3-el be precompiled?

   Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> writes:

   > The version of w3-el that will go into frozen will be the current one
   > that compiles itself on installation.  However, since w3-el is only
   > useful for emacs20--not for emacs19 or xemacs19 or xemacs20--would
   > anyone terribly mind if I changed the unstable version back to a
   > precompiled version?  (The current emacsen-common conventions don't
   > allow this AFAICT, perhaps they should be amended.)

   why on earth is it not useful for Emacs v19 or XEmacs ?

Now that I look at it...  WHO THE FSCK TOLD ME IT DIDN'T SUPPORT
EMACS19!  Okay, calm down.  Time for another minor release.

   I use w3 frequently on emacs 19 here, it works quite well thank you.

   and the fact that some version of w3 is shipped with XEmacs doesn't mean it
   wouldn't be useful to install a more up-to-date version.

Can you do that, though?  What happens when you install two
conflicting packages, esp. when one is actually included with the
emacs version?

   I agree compiling w3 takes far too long to put in the postinst of a package.
   I don't actually see the problem with building binary packages that install
   .elc files directly into the directories they end up, but I would expect there
   to be packages for each of the emacsen. Though it might take other people to
   help build for the various "architectures".

I guess that might be what I'll have to do, but I'm not looking
forward to installing 19 versions of emacs.

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