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"new" package: egcs-snapshot

I have put together a package, which contains

- a recent snapshot of the egcs compiler as found on ftp://egcs.cygnus.com
- libg++-2.8.1-980505 (as found in the Debian egcs-package)
- a snapshot of the GNU Pascal compiler (gpc-980511)

This package should never be part of a distribution, but should stay
in experimental. The package installs in
/usr/lib/egcs-ss/{bin,include,lib ...}  and can coexist with egcs and
gcc (the binary packages are named gcc-ss, g++-ss, etc. Included are
the results of running the egcs testsuites, so you see what you
get. The rational for having such a package is to have an egcs version 
with a more recent c++ compiler and an alternative for the primary
compilers on other platforms (Chris Chimelis reported that some bugs
in 1.0.3 are fixed; of course some new are introduced).

I don't intend to make weekly updates of the snapshot; NMU's are
encouraged. Please let mw know if you have any reservations.


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