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Re: ldconfig_1.9.6-3_alpha.changes INSTALLED

At 20:51 +0200 1998-05-21, Roberto Lumbreras wrote:
>On Thursday, May 21 1998, at 14:31:49, Debian Installer wrote:
>: Warning: Distribution was overriden from `frozen unstable' to `unstable'.
>I object!
>This package was uploaded on Sat Apr 25 04:19:12 1998, nearly a
>month ago, and also note that this upload fixes bugs.
>Note that this package is ESSENTIAL with priority REQUIRED, because
>architectures libc6-only like alpha and powerpc don't have a "ldso"
>package so they don't have ldconfig.

I think a cleaner solution would be to have the 'ldconfig' package for
powerpc and alpha be built from the ldso source package, the 'ldconfig'
source package seems to be simply the ldconfig sources from ldso, perhaps
with patches (note that the powerpc patch I made to the 'ldconfig' sources
is no longer necessary). It's too late to do this for hamm, but I'd like to
do it for slink. I'm cc'ing ldso@packages.debian.org on this.

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