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Re: Uploaded ppp 2.3.5-1 (alpha) to master

Hello Christopher!  :-)

I'm not sure whether it was my fault or not, but anyway, I downloaded
ppp_2.3.5-1_i386 a while ago, and diald wouldn't work any more for some
reason after I rebooted, so I checked changelog.Debian and saw the

> Changes: 
>  ppp (2.3.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    * Not a new Maintainer just trying to help
>    * New upstream release

Hmm... I forgot who uploaded that package, but if it is true that the guy 
is not even a Debian maintainer, then... Hmm... how did it get into master's
Incoming in the first place?  :-)

Perplexed, I had to use minicom to use my shell account to fetch
the ppp*.deb packages again.  Note that there are *two* of them currently
sitting on master:

    2.3.5-1  from the "Not a new Maintainer just trying to help" person,
             seems to be broken (?)  (It worked right after I upgraded,
             but seemed to fail after I rebooted... I didn't check what
             errors though...)
             package dated May 8, 1998

    2.3.5-0.1  by Espy, a trusted Debian developer (by "trusted" I mean
               I recognize his name.  ;-)
               package dated May 13?, 1998.

Anyway, I downloaded Espy's 2.3.5-0.1 version, and voila!  Everything worked
again.  :-)

So, if you guys think it is appropriate, could someone remove 2.3.5-1 and
keep 2.3.5-0.1 on master's Incoming?  Thanks!  :-)


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foka@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca     University of Alberta, Canada
anthony_fok@catholic.org     Keep smiling!  *^_^*
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