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Re: Bug#21969: debian-policy: needs clarification about Standards-Version

Remco Blaakmeer <remco@Cal011205.student.utwente.nl> writes:

> If I understand what you mean, you claim that the general rule that no
> package should be broken justifies breaking any other policy rule. But if
> you do so, expect other people to file bugs against your packages for not
> following policy. You'll have to explain the issue to all of them until
> policy is amended, so why not immediately file a bug against policy?

The thought was that the policy document would be rewritten using
appropriate qualifiers (must, should, etc.) and strict definitions for
the qualifiers.  Some parts of the policy would then just be
suggestions.  Some would be recommendations which you could violate if
you documented it.  (Of course, somebody could take issue with you.)
Others are strongs recommendations which require a policy change to

You'd be allowed to continue to violate policy while a discussion was

The technical committee's purpose was to resolve discussions where
there wasn't consensus among interested developers.

The particular case of stripping binaries and libraries would probably
be a strong recommendation.  Dale could have violated it and filed a
bug against the policy manual.  The next revision of the policy manual
could perhaps qualify the stripping edict with something like
"..except if that prevents your package from behaving correctly."


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