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Re: Bug#21969: debian-policy: needs clarification about Standards-Version


	This is getting nowhere. Well, when the constitution is
 ratified, maybe one can see how much support there is for more
 strongly ratifying the policy documents. As it stands, I have no
 motivation to work on the ``good practices'' document unless I have
 any indication it is going to be useful.

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

>>  I never said that. The policy document set, (currently a a set
>> that is referenced in or pointed to by the core 3 policy documents)
>> is all that I see as policy.

Dale> So, we ignore the DFSG, pay no attention to the "Debian
Dale> Manifesto", and completely ignore anything in any of the faqs,
Dale> HOWTOs, or other related documents. Policy makes no mention of
Dale> ANSI, or POSIX and may not even make reference to the File
Dale> System Standards (this one may actually be referenced, but I
Dale> haven't looked at the Policy Statement in a while and can't be
Dale> sure). Do we throw all this in the trash? NO! Of course not! Be
Dale> reasonable..

	You are the one being unreasonable. I said there are certain
 sets of documents that constitute the Debian policy
 documents. That does not mean those are the only ones which
 are followed.

Dale> Do you deny that it is our policy to deliver functional binary
Dale> packages?
>>  I fail to see this in policy, but that is because I think most
>> people would take it as given; I understand it is a critical
>> goal. In fact, this has to be added to the policy, if people do not
>> find it as an acceptable unspoken rule.

Dale> You can't have it both ways. If it is taken "as given", then how
Dale> do people "not fine it as an acceptable unspoken rule"?

Dale> Does anyone in this group think that delivering broken
Dale> executables is either implied or stated anywhere in Debian
Dale> Policy?

	Precisely. If following policy breaks a package, then policy
 itself is broken.
ce more:

Dale> In any case, I have no interest in hearing about how broken you
Dale> think it is. I understand your broken attitude, but seem
Dale> completely unable to mend it. As you seem unswayable by
Dale> "reasonable" arguments, I will cease trying.
	Fine. But the moment any package ``ignores'' policy and
 insists policy is not broken, so should not be fixed, I shall file
 bugs against the package.

	As the technical committee would look at the policy, either
 the package shall follow policy, or policy shall be mended. I have no
 intention of giving up on this.


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