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Re: [dpkg] Installing software as a non privileged user - A suggestion

--On Tue, May 5, 1998 5:52 pm -0700 "G John Lapeyre"
<lapeyre@newton.physics.arizona.edu> wrote: 

> 	This is a great idea.    Sysadmins can't keep up with the needs of
> an experienced user.
> 	I am almost sure dpkg won't do this now.  There will be all sorts
> of problems with locations of files. To make sure every package 
> supports this would add complexity and burden.
> 	We could have something that makes a best guess on how to install
> it, with no burden on the maintainer to make sure it works.  

You are going to have a big problem though.  Almost all programs have at
least one path hard-compiled into them (e.g. the location of their config
file in /etc) which is going to make them impossible for users to install.

Perhaps a more workable idea is to have some packages which users are more
likely to want (i.e. applications, not servers) also available as special
'non-root' debs...


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