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Code crusader for debian?

Hi, I've been talking to the author of this a bit, and maybe sooner of
later he'll relax his licensing.  Currently, you cannot change the
code, although redistribution is free.  So, if anyone wants, he says
he will put the changes into the code..  Yeah, it's too bad it's not
free, but I think this is a case where we might win him over by being
nice about it.. I think I got him thinking about it:->  If someone is
giving him little minor changes to put in for every different debian
release, he might see that licenses like this sort of stink;-)

If no one else is particularly interested, I'll maybe have a go.. but
my list of things to do is really stacking up:-(  And I know I won't
use this program anyway... 

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> I'm wondering if you plan to package and release a deb, so that it will
> be available natively?

What do you mean by "natively"?  I release both the binaries and the source
for Code Crusader.  Do you mean "natively" in the sense of included on the
Debian Distribution?

If somebody (e.g. you :) has the time to figure out how to get it
distributed under Debian, I'll be happy to integrate the patches.

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