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Re: on forming a new Linux Distribution

On Fri, May 01, 1998 at 04:19:42PM +1000, John Boggon wrote:

> Can someone tell me why a new distribution has to be started up just
> because the current one isn't newbie friendly or easy to install ?

There isn't really.

> Why not concentrate on an installation system or front end for dpkg / APT
> along with a system management GUI package that can help an inexperienced
> sysadmin or user maintain his/her system ? This work could be done
> independently of Debian and be designed to sit over the top of it.
> Wouldn't this achieve Bruce's aims ? Why re-invent the wheel ?

Not quite that, but similar is what a few of us have been talking about and
I have had in mind for some time now..  Debian's a good dist.  Why duplicate
the effort?  And, we could not duplicate the shortcuts that the developers
have already if we are working on newbie stuff.  Then it would end up like
redhat, either you can have it really simple or not at all.

Debian has a lot of shortcuts for people who know their way around the
system.  Those are just as important as the the configuration scripts for
the most absolute novice in the world.  Moreso really because most will
eventually grow out of the novice scripts and tools and into the standard
shortcuts found in Debian now.

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