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Re: Intent to package pine-src

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Raul Miller wrote:

> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> > What is your point? The .deb packaging of source doesn't deal with source
> > dependencies any better than the current source package.
> Sure it does.  You put the dependencies on the Depends: line of the
> control file.

You sure know how to make my skin crawl ;-)

> > > > There is no current declared method for this, and that makes
> > > > implimentation difficult, specially when most developers have what
> > > > they need for their packages and don't typically think about the
> > > > problem any further than that.
> > > Please don't blame the developers for not using a system which hasn't
> > > been designed or implemented.  That sort of thing is unecessarily
> > > dogmatic.
> > I don't know where you got this from. 
> "... specially when most developers have what they need for their
> packages and don't typically think about the problem further than that."
Simple statement of fact. Not intended to place blame in any direction.

The point I guess I intended to make here was that for the maintainer of a
package "source dependencies" are a non issue. They are resolved as you
figure out how to build the package in the first place.

My personal experience is that if I install a "standard" system (all
packages with priority standard and above) I don't need anything else. I
understand that there are several packages for which this is not true, so
I'm not saying there is no problem. Just supplying perspective.

> > I was under the impression that I was discusing what might be done
> > with the current source package format. I see no blame intended
> > in what I wrote. Why must all discusions of this type necessarily
> > degenerate into name calling?
> Good question.
> I think part of the problem is ambiguity. Another part is
> misunderstandings. [These sometimes overlap, and sometimes don't.]
Often the replies by the listener who has misunderstood the speaker begin
the escalation of invective. I constantly fight my general tendancy to
view the other guy as a jerk, when the most likely possibility is that I
have simply missunderstood him. (note: this never seems to happen to me in
such conversations with women, so I suspect its a guy thing ;-)

It would help us all to remember that we are all working toward the goal
of a superior Linux distribution. Everything else that happens along the
way should be considered scenery (to be enjoyed where possible, but very
little can be done to change it).

With that as a starting point, it should be much easier to see that the
other guy isn't an idiot. He is just someone like you who is trying to
make Debian better. (even when he is clearly wrong ;-)

I don't claim to be any better than the rest at actually behaving in that
way, but I do work at it.


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