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Re: Ease of use and configurability

branden@purdue.edu (Branden Robinson)  wrote on 30.04.98 in <19980430151352.A24268@purdue.edu>:

> Am I the only one who feels that, to a large extent, ease of use *is* a
> technical problem?

No. Of course not.

How else to explain apt?

> I note that on April 20th, the "Gnome System Control Panel Project" was
> announced (see http://www.gnome.org).  I think this is our opportunity to
> work with its originator, Andy Doran, on making a consistent, easy, and
> powerful interface for configuring programs.

How does this compare to COAS?

(I've asked that before: what's the current status of COAS, anyway?)

MfG Kai

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