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Re: Conflicts between developers and policy

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> While I agree with much of what you say about the need for
Dale> policy to be clear, I will continue to urge caution when being
Dale> dictatorial about policy.

	Dale, I think no one is trying to be dictatorial about
 policy. Phillip said it best; policy is suppposed to be followed
 unless it is wrong. If it is wrong, it is appreciated if you correct
 it. Not everyone has the grasp of the subject as the person pointing
 out the error of policy, so amending policy is really just being

	Why are you fighting this?

Dale> For example, the "stripped binaries" rule in the policy
Dale> statement is fine with me. I don't see it as "broken" the way
Dale> Manoj has suggested, because we have an unwritten policy against
Dale> delivering broken packages. I see the unwritten policy as having
Dale> a higher priority than the "stripped binaries" policy as
Dale> written.

	You know that the stripped binary rule has exceptions. I did
 not. Why not put a statement in the policy describing when the rule
 does not hold? (Some would say not correcting policy is elitist and
 hoarding knowledge).

Dale> While policy only states that the upstream changlog will be
Dale> named changelog, I see the policy of "least surprise" as
Dale> allowing me to include a link for ChangeLog so that those who
Dale> are expecting that will find it. A strict reading of the Policy
Dale> Statement might not lead others to this conclusion, but I don't
Dale> see that as broken. 

	I think then it is definitely unclear, and an ambiguous policy
 statement is a broken policy statement. 

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