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Re: interest in xfstt package


I have seen a few messages about your "X Strike Force"
I find it interesting. Right now I kno wvery little about X but...
as I said...one of the main reasons I am interested in doing any of 
this is that I want to learn
Not knowing much about X is one of the things that holds me back
with xfstt but....I guess one has to start somewhere
(and xfstt seems pretty stable and good so that should give
me time to learn the source code and learn about X
since th e most urgent problem I see is the documemntation)
- -Steve

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Branden Robinson wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 20, 1998 at 10:16:29PM -0400, Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> > About 10 mins ago I posted a message to the debian-user list in a
> > discussion of this package xfstt.  The reason being that the package
> > needs some work and I also have noticed it on the list of "Packages
> > needing a new maintainer" That is why I am writting you now (and
> > cc:ing debian-devel because I would like to get some more opinions
> > on this) I fount xfstt a while back anbd love it...I think what it
> > does is great (even if it is limited by the moronic copyrights on
> > most fonts :( ) I am interested in volunteering some of my time and
> > giving back to the Linux (and more specifically now debian) community,
> > and am wondering if possibly you might think xfstt would make a good
> > package to start with since I have never workerd on a package before.
> > Yes I have read all of the documentation, the policy manual and all
> > of that on the web page...and looked over a few times the packageing
> > manual (need to play with it some more :) ) I am a little afraid of
> > this...im unsure of my abilities I have fooled around with C for
> > about 4 or 5 years and done some C++...playe dwith shell scripts and
> > perl I admit I am unsure of what this will involve and the amount of
> > work it requires... but one of the main reasons I use linu xin the
> > first place is I want to learn...so I supose thats not entirely bad
> > so im wondering what you (and others on debian-devel) think does this
> > package seem like a bit much for a first package? if not...what do I
> > do next (yes I read all of the info on how to get started but...that
> > confused me just a bit... course thats probbaly just me :) )
> Well, I'd like to invite you to join, or at least be in contact with, the X
> Strike Force <http://master.debian.org/~branden/xsf.html> and me in
> particular.  I'd like to learn more about xfstt and what I can do to make
> sure it integrates smoothly with X.
> After hamm is released I'm going to be re-engineering XFree86 a bit.  An
> xserver-common package will be created, and xbase will be further
> segregated.  I know it's a terrible thing to break X into even more binary
> packages, but I think things like xfs and xdm need to be split off,
> especially as they are targets for replacement on some systems.
> -- 
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