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Re: Intent to package: debian-keyring

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> On 20 Apr 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> The policy is the only standard we have for the distribution; and
>> standards not followed are sometimes worse than no standards at
>> all. (This is one of my pet peeves with miscrosoft).
Dale> While I could disagree with the other "personal opinions" you
Dale> have expressed, they were expressed as your personal opinions,
Dale> and I am willing to leave it at that, but the above statement is
Dale> simply and completely false.

	Oh, so you categorically state that that stement is false? I
 see. Well, I still stand by it. Without the ww policy, and others
 like it, we would not have such a well knit distribution.

Dale> Policy is not in my opinion a standard. We DO have important
Dale> standards that we follow with varying degrees of success, and it
Dale> is these standards and our attempts to follow them that have
Dale> made Debian the useful, well integrated, system that it has been
Dale> for much longer than Policy has existed.

	When do you think policy was started? I have a feeling that
 policy was written not very long after Debian become a
 multi-maintainer distribution (yes, there was the golden age
 when there was just one debian maintainer). As we are brandishing
 opinions here., I think I hold  to mine that Policy is integral to
 the cohesiveness of Debian.

Dale> Policy was developed as a tool to aid new developers in
Dale> understanding the many details of package building and system
Dale> integration as practiced by the Debian development group. This
Dale> came about to deal with the large influx of developers that the
Dale> group has experienced in the last several years.

	That it one of the side effects, yes. But the www-standard
 (which is policy), the file system standard (which is also policy)
 and various and sundry things in that document define the OS, and are
 not simplifying things for the new developer (heh). 

Dale> Since that time every attempt has been made to elevate policy to
Dale> some super godhood of unquestioned excellence.

	Are you sure you are in a state of mind condusive to a debate?
 I am not sure I should waste my time talking to someone who is so
 biased as to relegate an issue of standards-conformance to "super
 godhood of unquestioned excellence."  I expected better of you.

Dale> This is an attitude I don't agree with.

	You have that right. There are things in the ANSI C standard
 do not agree with too, and the CORBA spec is a %#$^)$@)(* piece of
 junk. Do our opinions matter?

Dale> Even the Policy Tzar agrees that Policy is a Guideline, he just
Dale> takes the word to have a stiffer meaning than most reasonable
Dale> folks.

	Tzar? Reasonable folks? Do you count yourself in that number?
 I think this does not really merit a response.

	When you are again amenable to a civil discourse, email
 me. At the moment I see no point in pouring oil on the flames by
 responding to your message.


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