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Re: Intent to package: mlddc


On Fri, 24 Apr 1998 vanco@sonic.net wrote:

Uhm, Hate to tell you, but I already packaged mlddc I belive you can find
it in slink (or maybe still incoming) but Mlddc already has a maintainer.

- -K

> Monolith Internet Services offers a public dynamic dns service -- I think
> it would be nice to offer a working, tried framework for
> auto-initialization of such a  doodad.
> 	Anyway, this will be my first package. I will have it ready in two
> days, but that says nothing of whether I will have been accepted yet...
> (My new maintainer app has been building up dust for about 7 days now...
> Been trying to conjure joey or igor to quickly give me accounts!)
> Monolith has links to MLDDC and other user frontends. As MLDDC is written
> in C, while others are scripted, I chose MLDDC for speed.
> 	There is only one problem that I have not found an answer to -- MLDDC
> must revoke its DNS entries (via the NIC) BEFORE pppd dies. This cannot be
> accomplished by placing a script in /etc/ip-up.d -- this requires
> moditying /usr/bin/poff to revoke the records before pppd is killed.
> 	If I am not to be allowed to do that, I call for the addition of a
> "run-parts /etc/ppp/before-ppp-start.d" into /usr/bin/pon and "run-parts
> /etc/ppp/before-ppp-shutdown.d" before the respective operations that are
> performed in the scripts. That is, if run-parts runs its scripts in the
> foreground. Otherwise it would be pointless as the scripts would be
> running AS pppd dies --- pppd must die after run-parts has successfully
> completed all of its tasks.
> 	I will check on this, and for now write the config script to
> modify poff.

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv


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