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dpkg-perl should predepend on perl?

I installed a debian hamm system yesterday and noticed a problem involving
dpkg-perl. After installing the base system from disks, I ran dselect
to install some more packages. On the first installation run however,
dpkg-perl was the first package installed, and it failed because perl
was not yet installed. dpkg-perl was installed first since some other
packages pre-depend on it. Furthermore, the failed installation of
dpkg-perl left dselect in an unusable state until I installed perl
separately with dpkg.

This is broken, and I believe release-critical, yet the solution isn't
easy. Arguably dselect should ensure dependencies of packages that need
to be pre-depended upon are fulfilled. However I think the simplest
solution would be to make dpkg-perl predepend on perl. Does anyone else
have a view on this?


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