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Re: Intent to package: debian-keyring

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> It's up to you which guidelines you want to follow--but if you want to
> maintain packages for our distribution, you'll have to follow our
> guidelines! Our policy applies to all packages in the distribution. Any
> package failing current policy in a severe way will be removed from the
> distribution. 
Then you will need to remove libc6, as the loader is not stripped, as
dictated by policy. If I strip it, as policy demands, it will not work.

Policy statements that fail to provide an adequate exception mechanism are
totally broken.

We have several "work arounds" for this policy, and the "not yet
authorized" package in question will not be the first that desires, or
requires, more than one maintainer.

I have yet to hear a good technical reason for restricting package
maintainance to a single person. Yes, there are several accounting issues
that keep coming up, but those are for the individuals actually
implimenting a multi-maintainer package to resolve between them.

Personally, I find this dictatorial attitude about Policy as potentially
more dangerous than no policy at all.

Waiting is,

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