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Free-World maintainer for xpdf ?

Would anyone want to take xpdf from me and make a free-world release? And
maybe even take over the package?

As a Canadian resident, I don't think I can deal with the encryption code (as
I understand it, the US laws for encryption technology make no difference
between US and Canadian residents).

It would probably make sense to spawn two versions off the xpdf sources: xpdf
and xpdf-i. And it is probably easier if one persons maintains both

xpdf is a nice little package. The Debian package is Bug-Free (TM),
Lintian-Clean (TM) and Debhelper-Converted (TM).  It is easy to maintain.
Unfortunately, it is in non-free, and Derek dislikes the GPL. If someone
would be willing to work on xpdf despite the non-DFSG'ness, I be most happy
to help.

Thanks, Dirk

From: "Derek B. Noonburg" <derekn@aimnet.com>
To: Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca
Subject: ANNOUNCE: xpdf decryption patches
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 23:29:54 -0700

Leo Smiers has written decryption code for xpdf -- you can now view
encrypted PDF files with xpdf!

Note that cryptography code is subject to ridiculous export
restrictions in the USA, so you probably won't want to make these
patches or any decryption-enabled binaries available for web/ftp
access from the US.  I encourage anyone in countries with more
reasonable laws to make binaries available.

Everything is available from my xpdf web site:


or go straight to Leo's xpdf page:


- Derek

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