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Re: Test Report (was: Re: boot-floppies_2.0.4 (source i386) uploaded)

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 11:59:18AM +0100, Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 13, 1998 at 05:16:54AM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> > >2) irritating: When installing from a (not yet mounted) hard disk partition
> > >               and entering the path to the main distribution, the following
> > >               message appeared:
> > >               " /usr/lib/dpk//methods/disk/setup: line 8: 200 Broken Pipe
> > >                 find "$mountpoint$2" -follow -name '*.deb' -print 2> /dev/null
> > >                 201 Done      | head -1
> > >                 201 Done      | grep . > /dev/null"
> > >               But all worked fine.
> You meant when using "dselect"? Perhaps you should file a bug report
> against dpkg.

Well, I only encountered this once (yes, this was using dselect), and as I
may not be able to reproduce this, it could be useless to file a bug. I may
do it anyway.
> > >3) bad: Still perl problems. Not with libnet, but dpkg-perl depends on perl.
> > >        So I got error message after "install", switched to console,
> > >        manually mounted partition with debian-image, manually installed
> > >        perl, and then "configured". After this, "install" worked again.
> dpkg-perl should depend on perl-base, as there's no perl but perl-base
> in the base system and dpkg-perl works with perl-base. 
> I have filed a bug against perl-base, and I've seen it has another
> long-standing packaging bug, so I guess its maintainer (Klee Dienes) is
> really busy these days. Does anyone has the time to do a non-maintainer
> upload?

Klee is really *busy*. He didn't respond to some mail about koules (another,
but very unimportant) package. I did a nmr of koules, and still didn't hear

Do you have filed a bug against dpkg-perl, too? (As you say you filed one
against perl-base?).
> > >        After running kbdconfig manually, basis layouot was okay, but I
> > >        couldn't enter german keys. I think this is because /etc/inputrc has
> > >        "set convert-meta off" commented out. I think it should be the
> > >        default.
> In fact that was the default for a few libreadline*.deb versions, because 
> we wanted Debian to be latin1-compatible "out of the box", but Guy Maor 
> (readline maintainer) changed it back because leaving it "on" broke "META-x" 
> handling, and there were a few bug reports about that. (Guy also removed some 
> definitions that made the Home, End and Delete keys work). I guess it's time 
> (again) to discuss which should be the defaults. Perhaps asking the user at
> installation/upgrade time. 

This setting does not need to change (well, we need a real keyboard setup
sometime, but this can wait). As I wrote below, the real problem was LC_ALL,
not convert-meta (as I found out later).
> > >                 After removing the "#", and therefore switching off
> > >        meta-convert, I still had problems, because the wrong font was
> > >        loaded. Editing /etc/kbd/config didn't help (what use has this file
> > >        anyway). I'm not sure what actions should be taken here.
> > 
> > I tracked this down to a missing LC_ALL="de_DE" for bash in /etc/profile.
> > Coudl we implement something along this (for several shells e.g.) in the
> > boot disks? With the correct keymap the locale setting should probably
> > set, too.
> May be. Is it OK to modify /etc/profile at install time? (/etc/profile is
> a conffile of libreadline). I can hear the sound of the mythical can of 
> worms opening...

I did hear something about /etc/envronment, but I'm not sure what purpose it
has and if it works for all shells, etc. Well, I hope it is okay to change
/etc/profile, as it is *very* annoying for non-english users (esp. first
time user) to have to guess keys (and not knowing how to fix this).

Thank you,

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